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:RESTORE™ is a low sugar lightly flavored powdered nutrition supplement that helps replenish the body, maintain weight, and muscle tone. :RESTORE™  contains the protein and calories your body needs to stay energized and strong. Plus, it is fortified with essential minerals and amino acids proven to aid in healing and recovery. Food is ALWAYS the priority when you are able to eat, but in cases when you cannot eat, :RESTORE can help maintain energy and stay hydrated.


Chronic health conditions can wreak havoc with your appetite and sense of taste. Many store bought products products can even cause cause discomfort to a patients mouth. :RESTORE is formulated specifically to be low flavor and easy to drink.  Low sugar. Guaranteed delicious. Never chalky or milky like the mega-brands.  


:RESTORE by INFINIT™ provides

  • Less than 10 grams of sugars per serving!
  • A light flavor that is delicious any time. Made with real vanillia!
  • 100% all natural with no colors and zero artificial or alcohol sweetenters. 
  • Acts like an oral-IV solution. Isotonic and absorbs easily. 
  • Up to 30 grams of supre-premium instantized sweet dairy whey protein isolate. 

:RESTORE by Infinit™ - Vanilla

SKU: 001
  • Oral isotonic nutrition-solutions that supply calories, protein and nutrients while keeping you hydrated is what :RESTORE from Infinit was designed for. Low flavors that are not too strong, delicious anytime. Mixes easily and stays in a crystal-clear solution. Supplemental calories and protein that is the easiest on your system, hydrating and nutritious.

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